10 Twitter Tips for a More Noticeable Campaign

Did you know that you can take your social media marketing campaign to Twitter? This platform of 280-character thoughts moves fast. The average tweet lasts just 18 minutes. However, with the right approach, it can also deliver some pretty appealing long-term results for your social media marketing campaign.

Don’t be misled, though. Just because Twitter consists of pithy 280-character tweets doesn’t mean it’s easy to navigate.If you want to show up, stick in people’s minds, and make your Twitter presence meaningful, there are a few things you need to do. Here they are.

Use hashtags, just not too many.

Hashtags are a great way to quickly alert readers to the main topic(s) of your tweet. They also happen to be a great way to draw attention to your tweet: People engage with them twice as often. Just don’t use too many hashtags at once. Tweets with more than two hashtags experience a 17 percent drop in engagement. #whoops.

Add images and videos to your tweets.

A picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. Since you only have 280 characters to use to communicate on Twitter, you’re going to want the power of images and videos. These do not have to be long or complicated, and you’ll be pleased with the response. Image bearing tweets receive 89 percent more engagement, and tweets with video are retweeted six times more often than are tweets that have images. 

Create hashtags to encourage engagement with your brand.

Hashtags are short and pithy, and they are a great way to get people talking about your brand on Twitter. You just have to use them the right way. Consider creating your own hashtags and inviting people to participate by adding the hashtags to their own tweets. For example, let them post images of themselves using your products and include a related hashtag. You might be surprised at how much attention those few characters earn you.

Use Twitter to create conversations, not promotions.

This is a good tip for any social media platform. The draw of social media is its ability to connect and allow wide networks of people to talk to each other. It is NOT a platform for relentless self-promotion. That is why you should use Twitter to create conversations, not promotions. For example, tweet about a customer interaction that made your day and ask others to post similar heartwarming stories instead of tweeting an ad about the item that the customer was buying.

Become part of the conversation on Twitter.

What would happen if a friend ignored everything you said and chose to only talk about themselves? You probably wouldn’t spend much time with that friend. The same goes for Twitter: Companies that only ever tweet about themselves are quickly tuned out by their audiences. 

Choose to be part of the conversation on Twitter instead. Respond to people who tweet about you or topics relevant to your business. Retweet great content that you find on Twitter. Be a positive conversation partner, and people will want to talk to you too.

Strategically follow others.

You obviously want people to follow you on Twitter. The more the merrier. An effective social media campaign on Twitter, however, should also include you strategically choosing other people to follow. 

You can use Twitter’s search function to locate candidates who are relevant and local. Then, don’t just follow them. Become part of their conversation. As you create relationships on Twitter, the conversation and engagement with your own brand will grow organically as well. 

Share links as part of your Twitter social media marketing campaign.

While your audience *might* be interested in your obscenely long commute to work or your new coffee shop discovery, they are really going to be more interested in amazing articles and content. 

Give them these articles and content by sharing links through your Twitter-focused social media marketing campaign. The key is to share links to material that is interesting and useful to your target audience. When they can depend on you to deliver great content, then you earn more followers and enjoy more conversation focused on your brand. 

Put your best foot forward.

First impressions count, especially on social media. If you want to stand out, then, spend some time putting your best foot forward with your profile and bio.

Your profile picture, for example, should be clean and simple. Often, your logo is the best choice because it will make your Twitter account immediately recognizable. 

Your bio, at only 160 characters, will also need to be clean and simple. Focus on telling people what you want them to know first and foremost about you and your business. Don’t be boring, though; inject some of your brand personality into the bio so people get a good glimpse of who you are. 

Post to Twitter regularly. 

Remember how the average tweet only lasts about 18 minutes? That means that to stay visible, you need to tweet frequently and consistently. No taking a day or, heaven forbid, a week off to do other things. 

If you commit to using Twitter as part of your social media marketing campaign, you need to commit to tweeting at least daily. To help you keep up, create a content calendar with posting times and topics and hire help if you need it to get your posts done. 

Get some help with your social media marketing campaign.

Finally, if you want to succeed in Twitter, consider getting some professional help. Anyone can tweet, but a successful social media marketing campaign on Twitter requires you to be strategic and informed in your approach. 

To that end, consider a digital marketing agency like Distinct Web Design. We offer you the ability to develop a comprehensive social media marketing campaign that can include Twitter. We are also aware of the many best practices for tweeting. We can help you turn your Twitter presence into a money-making, brand-growing, attention-earning boon for your business. 

To Be (Seen) or Not to Be (Seen): Simple Facebook Posting Strategies You Can Start Today

Visibility is the great promise of social media marketing. Done right, your business gets seen by wider and wider networks of people. You know what that means: More leads, more conversions, more positive associations with your brand, and a growing company. It may sound like a fairy tale, but this happy ending actually exists. 

You’re not a major business, you may think. How will you ever make a splash like big brand names? Well, lucky for you, social media marketing success doesn’t depend upon the size of your company. It depends upon the quality of your social media marketing campaign. That’s something that a little creativity, some professional guidance, and a commitment to excellence can achieve for companies of any size. 

While you need to develop a long-term social media marketing strategy, there are some things you can do today to get your campaign off to the right start, especially if you want to use Facebook as one of your platforms. Here are a few simple strategies for posting on Facebook that can improve your visibility as you get your social media marketing campaign off to a good start. 

Create Facebook posts that cater to your audience’s interests, not your own self-promotion. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when posting on Facebook as part of a social media marketing campaign is to blatantly promote yourself. People go on Facebook to escape the stresses of life for awhile. They want content that isn’t about getting them to do something. They want content that is fun. Engaging. Enjoyable. 

To that end, create Facebook posts that cater to your audience’s interests, not your own self-promotion. That means, for example, laying off the hype about your latest summer bathing suit sales and instead having a fun conversation about beach faux pas. When your posts are fun and engaging, people will come to you when they want to know more. 

Post at the right times. 

Do you want your Facebook posts to be seen? Then you may want to put them up Thursdays at 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Studies have shown that mid-afternoon during the weekdays or late afternoon on the weekends get posts the most visibility. 

Of course, your audience could be a little bit different, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Start putting up posts at the theoretical best times, and then move posting times around a little to see what kind of reaction you get. When you know the best times to post for your business, you know how to make your social media marketing campaign just a little more visible, all without making any big changes to your existing strategy. 

Put up some (short and engaging) videos. 

Facebook Live isn’t just for demonstrating your ability to have a chat with your audience in your car. Videos both live and pre-recorded are performing well on this social media marketing platform. With Facebook users watching more than 100 million hours of video on the platform every single day, it’s pretty clear what your next social media marketing step should be. 

When you decide to adopt videos as part of your social media marketing campaign though, don’t just throw up a talking head or a lengthy discussion. Facebook users want their videos to be short and sweet, and preferably live. We recommend sticking to less than two minutes and, again, keeping the topic light, interesting, and tailored to your customers’ interests. It’s all about them, not about you. 

Encourage user-generated content. 

Let’s face it: Posting on Facebook can be time consuming. That’s why you should get your users to do it for you. Yes, we’re serious. And yes, this strategy actually works. Today, simply put up a contest announcement: You want people to post pictures of themselves using your products in a creative way. The most creative entry will win a prize. Winners will be chosen every day for the next week. Boom. You’re done. Want to make it even easier? Make one of your products the prize. 

Something simple but engaging like a photo contest can get people talking about (and posting about) your brand. All good things when it comes to a successful social media marketing campaign. Plus, you enjoy free, engaging content that you didn’t have to create yourself. 

Start responding to comments on your Facebook account. 

The social part of social media means that these platforms are best used as conversations with your networks. This means, of course that you need to hold up your end of the conversation. Facebook can be a valuable part of your social media marketing campaign when you respond to comments, both positive and negative, to your posts. 

In fact, Facebook can even serve as an impromptu customer service platform. Impress customers with responsive and honest answers to their questions and comments. Be part of the conversation and watch their brand loyalty grow. 

Social media marketing on Facebook can grow your company’s visibility, if you do it right. Start with a few simple steps today. Then reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can help you craft a social media marketing campaign across all relevant channels to capture the leads and visibility you need to thrive. 

What Can a Web Development Company Do for an Existing Website?

When you want to put up a building, you use a contractor. When you need a garden planted in the backyard, you hire a landscaper. When you need wiring in your house, you call an electrician. When you need a website, you hire a web developer.

What happens, though, when you already have a working website? Can a web developer still offer you valuable services? 

In short, the answer is yes, because web developers are awesome. For a more detailed answer, though, keep reading.

A web development company can offer insights about your website. 

You like how your website works and you think it’s generating visitors and conversions for your business. Are you sure, though, that it couldn’t be doing better? An expert eye might be able to identify areas that are weak and offer ideas for improving your website’s performance.

A web developer is this expert eye. They don’t just put web designs into practice. Thanks to their experience in the industry, they can tweak, build, and edit designs to make them work better. They can even alert you to tools and strategies that can enhance your website’s performance. 

The advantage of having a web development company look at your site is that they can do all these things because of their experience in the field. Don’t be surprised if they come up with suggestions that never even crossed your mind. 

A web development company can implement a redesign.

Of course, a web development company can do more than make suggestions about how to improve your website. They can actually help you implement those changes in the form of a website refresh or website redesign. 

Identifying the changes you need to make to your website is usually the first step in the refresh/redesign process. Once those changes are identified, then the web development company can figure out the most effective way to make those changes to your site.

The methods the web development company uses will depend on your particular site and its needs. Extensive changes for a website that is undergoing a rebranding might mean a new CMS and a total rebuild. Minor color changes might just require a tweak to the coding. Luckily, you don’t have to be the one to figure out the answer. Your web development company will do that for you. 

A web development company can update your website.

A web development company is always happy to build a website from scratch. However, many existing websites can benefit from a web development company because they need certain updates. For example, if you haven’t made changes to your site in more than a year, you’ll want to reach out to a web development company to get some help polishing up the look and function of your site. 

Why does a website need regular updates? Because web design is always changing. Best practices and trends are new almost every year. Search engines like Google change the requirements for how they rank websites in the search results, and many of these changes affect web design. After a year or two, a website that hasn’t made any updates begins to show its age. A refresh or redesign is necessary in order to keep it looking great.

A web development company can complete this website makeover for you. They can identify the updates you should make and then implement those updates so your site enjoys a fresh, engaging new look.

A web development company often offers a range of services

Web development isn’t always the only service offered by a web development company. In order to ensure you enjoy everything you need for a successful online presence, many web development companies offer additional services.

For example, here at Distinct Web Design, we don’t just offer web development. We also offer a full range of digital marketing support to help you build a compelling online presence. We can help you create a marketing funnel, pursue social media marketing, run a Google AdWords campaign, and more. These services allow you to address your online presence as an integrated whole instead of as a fragmented collection of individual pursuits.

Don’t assume you don’t need a web developer just because you already have a website. There are ways a web development company can help you transform your site. From helping you identify areas of improvement to offering you a range of services, a web development company can help your online presence succeed.

Why Do I Need WordPress Support? (And Where Do I Get It?)

WordPress is currently one of the most popular website builders and content management systems (CMS) out there. Versatile, flexible, and free, it is the basis of websites as famous as Facebook.

Its most popular feature? The fact that it is open source and DIY. You can obtain, use, modify, and add to WordPress for free and as you see fit, and its templates allow you to build a website with a minimum of technical prowess.

So why would you ever need WordPress support, let alone pay for a professional to help you set up and maintain your site? Here are just a few of the reasons you might need WordPress support, and where to find it.

You may need WordPress support when stuff breaks.

Even WordPress breaks sometimes. To be more specific, even elements of WordPress, like links or plugins, give out on occasion. Unless you are pretty good with coding, or are a WordPress expert, you are going to need some WordPress support to help you deal. A professional can get to the heart of the problem much faster than you will be able to, saving you time and the money you lose during your website’s downtime.

You may need WordPress support to get the customization you want.

WordPress offers you basically unlimited customization. The catch? Some of that customization requires professional expertise and some coding know-how to achieve.

You may find that filling out a website template is relatively straightforward. You may be able to get a basic WordPress website up and running. However, you may find that creating a customized e-commerce website, a tailored checkout process, a detailed registration process or a landing page is beyond your expertise.

If you want to create a WordPress website that reflects your unique business, then you are probably going to need WordPress support. With the right support, you can use WordPress to develop a site that is completely, uniquely yours.

You may need WordPress support to develop a secure website.

If you are handling customers’ sensitive personal data, you need a secure website. And WordPress is known for its overall security. The problem? Not every plugin is equally secure, and some businesses need additional layers of security to preserve their customers’ information.

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress. However, they are not all equally secure. Some, for example, do not receive regular security updates. Some have bugs that leave them prone to hacking. If you want to enjoy a site that you are sure is secure, you may need WordPress support.

Professional WordPress support can guide you to the most secure plugins for your business. Professional WordPress support can add those layers of security that you need to ensure the safety of your customers’ most sensitive personal information. With the right WordPress support, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you let go of the pressure to ensure the security of your WordPress site.

You may need WordPress support to find the best options for your business.

The good news? There are thousands of WordPress plugins to help you develop the perfect website for your needs. The bad news? There are thousands of WordPress plugins. How are you supposed to be aware of all of them, let alone familiarize yourself with their pros and cons and choose the ones that will work best for your business?

It’s an impossible task. That is why WordPress support can be a good choice. These professionals will have a thorough understanding of just what is possible with WordPress and the best way to achieve it for your business. The result will be a more professional, tailored, and rewarding site for your site visitors to explore.

How do I access WordPress support?

So you need WordPress support. Since it’s an open source program, where do you get that support?

There are a number of options from which you can choose. The WordPress website has a support section with tools to address common problems. You can also access a In addition, one of the biggest sources of WordPress support is the forums. Here you can post questions to members of the WordPress community. Active and knowledgeable, this community can be a valuable resource if you are planning to do most or all of your WordPress setup on your own. Other sources of WordPress support might include the developer if the themes and plugins you use.

The best source of WordPress support, however, is a professional WordPress developer, like Distinct Web Design. This developer can give you the most direct, a curate, detailed information out there, as well as save you time and money by implementing the design for you.

If you want WordPress support for any reason do not hesitate to reach out to Distinct Web Design. We offer you customized website solutions, as well as some pretty amazing digital marketing tools, to help your online presence thrive.

Website Redesign vs. Website Refresh: Which Should You Choose?

If your website makes you cringe a little inside, it might be time for a change. If visitors complain about their experience on your site, or if it has simply been a few years since the last update, you may need a change.

But what changes, exactly, do you need? You might want to make a change to your face, but there is a big difference between a new haircut and plastic surgery. How do you decide between the superficial changes of a website refresh and the more in depth changes of a website redesign?

If you are struggling to make this decision, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at the differences between these two approaches and how you might be able to tell which is right for your site.


One of the differences between a website refresh and a website redesign is the cost. Making a few visual changes, or even revamping the site’s layout and color scheme, will almost always be less expensive than changing the CMS or building your website from the ground up. The amount of time and skill required in the redesign is significantly more than that required in the refresh. 

Of course, conducting a refresh instead of a redesign might not always save you money. If your site is significantly outdated or you cannot change elements of your site without fiddling with complex coding, your refresh costs could quickly look more like redesign costs. And sometimes, the cost of a redesign is a smart investment for getting a website out of the Dark Ages.  


The biggest difference between a website refresh and a website redesign is the scope of the project. A website refresh can be as small as updating your logo or as extensive as updating your color scheme. However, it never goes beyond surface level changes to an already existing website.

A website redesign, on the other hand, is a far more extensive project. It is the plastic surgery of web design. It involves changing the underlying structures that support the website. Rebuilding the site, adding content like a blog, upgrading the navigation, and more, are all part of a website redesign.

When considering whether to pursue a refresh or a redesign, therefore, consider the scope of your project. Will you need to add functionality to your site or change your CMS? Choose a redesign. However, if you only need to change a few visual elements, or implement new branding, then choose a refresh. 


By now you have probably figured out that a redesign is a bigger deal than a refresh. As a result, a redesign is going to take longer to complete than will a refresh. 

Often, the time it takes to do a redesign is worth it. The ability to renew and rebuild a website that is simply not working, and the improved traffic flow and conversions that result, can more than compensate you for your time. 

However, it isn’t always necessary or desirable to spend months reworking a website. You need your new brand colors to match your packaging now. Your advertising campaign is launching next month. You only need a few minor updates. At times like these, a shorter refresh is preferable.

Know when to pick a refresh vs. a redesign.

With such big differences in scope, cost, and time, it is important to pick the right approach. Sometimes, you’ll know which one to pick because it is obvious: You only want to change a few graphics, or you want to make a major overhaul. At other times, the choice may seem less clear: You haven’t updated your website in a couple of years, but it still works. 

At times like these, it is wise to consult with a web design company like Distinct Web Design. We can evaluate your site and offer you suggestions about what strategies might work best to get your site looking modern and functioning optimally. 

What are some signs you should consider a refresh or a redesign for your site? Consider these:

  • Your site’s functionality does not fulfill your customers’ needs.
  • You have not updated your website in any way in more than a year.
  • Your business is undergoing a branding change
  • You need a new CMS.
  • You receive consistently negative reviews about your site.
  • Website analytics, particularly bounce rate, are sub optimal.
  • You need to add new landing pages or content.
  • Your business had outgrown your current site’s capabilities.
  • You are displeased with your site in any way.

A digital marketing company can help you to navigate a refresh or a redesign and help you create a site that makes you and your customers happy.