Referrals Without the Fees: The Secret of Digital Marketing

In our last post, we looked at how referral fees might be costing you more than they are worth. Between high fees, inaccurate fees, and subpar results, referrals and third party marketing programs may not be all they are cracked up to be.  Referrals to your business,...

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Why Tell Stories in Business Advertising

Before we had the written word, we had stories. Passed down orally, these narratives served to entertain and teach in a memorable way. Nowadays, we live in a digital age, where the written word rules. For business advertising, though, stories still have a critical...

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The Benefits of Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a bit of a broad term. It refers to a whole group of strategies, all of which take place online (thus the name "digital"). Search engine optimization, website creation, blog writing, landing page development, Google AdWords campaigning, social...

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Simple, User-Friendly Fixes for Your Web Design

Is your web design easy to use? What would your visitors say if we asked them? If you cringe at the thought that they might bring up that broken link you've been meaning to fix, that overcrowded navigation bar, or the lack of a search option on the homepage, you might...

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How to Make Friends and Influence People (With Online Ads)

Dale Carnegie's classic How to Win Friends and Influence People may have been impacting people's interpersonal relationships for more than 70 years, but it's not a bad description of your digital marketing goals today. Winning friends for your business and influencing...

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7 Reasons You Need a Mobile-Responsive Website

Many business owners do not feel that they need a website, let alone a mobile-responsive site. However, living in the 21st century, people are more dependent on technology and their mobile devices. Incorporating a mobile-responsive website into your business can help...

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