The Importance of Strategic Social Media Campaigns

Social media lets you reach many people with news about your business. Without social media, some of these people would never hear about you. If you can use social media to well, you can improve awareness of your brand, increase the number of visitors to your website, and earn more money.

Why, then, do so many businesses (maybe even your own) not succeed at social media?The reason could be that they are not using a strategic social media campaign. It is only by developing a plan with the help of professionals such as we here at Distinct Web Design that you can enjoy the advantages of social media. Following are a few reasons to use a strategic social media campaign.

Posting on the Right Social Media Channels

There are many social media channels out there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others all promise to connect you with people who can spread the word about your business. However, not every type of social media is going to work equally well. That is why choosing the right ones is essential. The types of social media that are right for you depend on your business and your goals. A strategic social media campaign can help you to choose the right form of social media for you.

Maximizing Cost Effectiveness

Social media takes time, effort, and money. Even if all you do is have one of your office staff update your social media account, you will still be paying for their time. That is why you need to make sure you are getting the most leads for the least amount of money (called cost effectiveness).

Identifying cost-effective social media strategies requires more than just trial and error. Instead, you need to conduct research. For instance, run two social media ads and see which one works best. In addition, you need to track statistical  information. For instance, you should figure out how much money you need to spend to get one customer from each type of social media.  

While it may cost a bit more to hire professionals (such as we here at Distinct Consulting) to help you with this research, our help can bring you more leads for less money.

Improving Search Engine Visibility

Social media can also help your website rank better in the search results. In general, the more attention your business gets on social media, the better your site will look to search engines. When search engines see your business as a good source of information, they will give you a more visible place in the search results (and you will get more visitors to your website). Earning this social media attention, however, takes planning.

For instance, if you want to get the attention of your Facebook audience, you may need to stop posting generic updates about your day. Instead, you may need to create and share content on a topic that is interesting to your audience. Choosing the topics that will work best, creating and sharing great content, and then tracking the response to it can lead to a more successful social media presence.

Tracking Your Social Media Campaign’s Impact

Finally, a strategic social media campaign is important because it lets you track your campaign’s success. For instance, with the right professional support, you should be able to find out what results you are getting for your money and effort. This assistance in tracking your campaign’s success can also help you to identify and tweak strategies that are not working.

In the end, a strategic social media campaign is important because it gives you control over your social media presence. Whether you are looking to run more effective social media ads or create a more compelling presence on social media channels, consider contacting Distinct Consulting. Through our support, you can use the right social media for your business, maximize the cost-effectiveness of your campaign, improve your business’ search engine visibility, and more effectively track your campaign’s success. The results could be better than you had hoped for.